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About us

History of the Business

BCN Information Technology & Solutions is formed on Nov 04, 2003 in Singapore. The partners are brought together by a mutual friend who suggested that they pooled their talents and start a business.
BCN Information Technology & Solutions decided to launch the business to Banking sector .This event marked their place in the industry. The publicity from this InterWeb and ATM Banking Systems has established BCNITS as a much sought after business.

Unique Features

BCN Information Technology & Solutions’ unique features are numerous. The talented and determined executives are a great benefit to this Banking Systems. BCN Information Technology & Solutions has a Alliance Partnership with KAL. KAL is a Banking Software company in U.K. KAL is in the banking sector for 23 years. With KAL ATM Banking Software, BCN Information Technology & Solutions will have lots of advantages. Fujisu is a Japan company whose Banking Software is developed by
The unique benefit that BCN Information Technology & Solutions offers its clientele is the close contact the managers have with their customers. All customers will have a manager available to them 24 hours a day until the completion of the Banking Systems. These managers develop strong relationships with the customers resulting in high return business. When selling the Banking Systems the sales department can assure the customer that he or she will receive immediate and continuous attention throughout the Banking Systems, in addition to the expertise of the BCN Information Technology & Solutions employees.

Management and Operations

In addition, to BCNITS and the Director, the company has a staffing of 24 full-time employees, and a pool of independent vendors. We work directly with the clients on every services detail and communicate any changes or additions with the respective department. These individuals are on call 24 hours a day until the completion of the project.
The business presently draws from a pool of independent vendors for the operation of the actual services. And BCNITS has a network of 10 Programmers and another 5 whom he may call on for any assigned task.

Customers Profile

BCNITS created a list of customers profile to successfully position the business in the market place. All information is derived from 2004.

Services Description

BCNITS has the ability to provide a wide variety of software and hardware solutions within its overall services of Web Solutions and ATM Software and Hardware infrastructure.

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