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Free yourself from expensive commercial ERP software, difficult to maintain legacy applications, and messy integration projects. BCN-ERP sophisticated features and modern architecture includes a full ERP and CRM solution plus mobile connectivity and built-in business intelligence tools.
Get BCN-ERP today and see how it can automate processes, improve efficiency, and help your entire organization work smarter and better. BCN ERP + CRM brings you the power and features of Tier 1 ERP and CRM software with the flexibility and low cost of ownership that BCN-ERP can deliver.
You can use BCN-ERP as an alternative to expensive and inflexible commercial ERP solutions, as a replacement for in-house solutions that are difficult to maintain or extend, or as a starting point to build your unique business model and processes.

Key features of BCN ERP + CRM include:

- A complete suite that deliver a 360-degree view of your business, from customers to orders to inventory to accounting. BCN-ERP is one application running on one unified data model with over 700 tables, so you'll never have to do messy integration again.

- Compatible all major commercial relational databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.
- Runs on Linux, Unix, and Windows.
- Service-Oriented Architecture for easy interoperability with external or legacy applications.
- Modular and tiered architecture allows for easy modifications or additions. An add-on application could be unzipped into a directory and start running.
- Synchronize your users' contacts and calendars with their mobile phones or Outlook and Evolution clients using the built-in open source Funambol Data Synchronization server.
- Built-in business intelligence and reporting tools with JasperReports and Pentaho.
- Integrate with PHP and Ruby On Rails applications, including the Joomla content management system or y our custom web storefronts, or use the fully-integrated ecommerce store in BCN-ERP.
- Workflow for adapting to unique business processes.

Who uses BCN-ERP?

BCN-ERP is used by a number of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to startups.


BCN-ERP is a full-featured ERP + CRM suite which incorporates several projects, including Apache Geronimo, Tomcat, and OFBiz for the data model and transaction framework; Pentaho and JasperReports for business intelligence; Funambol for mobile device and Outlook integration; and the BCN-ERP applications which provide user-driven applications for CRM, accounting and finance, warehouse and manufacturing, and purchasing and supply chain management.

The goal of BCN-ERP is to create high quality and innovative solutions for business problems, from classic ERP and CRM to whole new ways to increase sales and profitability.

The following are the key strengths of BCN-ERP:

- A complete and cost effective solution
- Low Total Cost of Ownership
- Flexible Open Architecture
- Robust Data Model
- Scalability
- Active Development Term
- A Complete Solution

More than just a shopping cart, CRM or accounting application, BCN-ERP is a complete enterprise-wide business application suite that brings together all the people and processes in your entire organization. Out of the box, it includes a product catalog, online store, warehouse management, manufacturing, sales force automation, customer relationship management, marketing automation and analytics, general ledger, and financial management. As a result, you will no longer have to integrate together disparate applications. The BCN-ERP suite is much faster, cheaper, and simpler to implement and support.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

BCN-ERP is probably the only ERP CRM solution that can deployed on any platform with any relational database, open source or commercial. By giving you the freedom to choose your hardware, operating system, and database, BCN-ERP allows you to achieve the lowest total cost for your needs.

Flexible Open Architecture

BCN-ERP is built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), where individual units of business logic are created as discrete "services." A Service Oriented Architecture allows you to reuse your business logic and is fundamentally more flexible than stored procedures or web-oriented architectures. For example, your business logic can be used as part of a web application (such as an online store), a GUI application (such as a Point Of Sales store), or a workflow (such as order processing) without modification. Changing your business process becomes a matter of changing the workflow order of services. Finally, the Service Oriented Architecture allows you to use internal and external business logic interchangeably with web services. Thus, BCN-ERP can be used as an out of the box solution but as well as a flexible platform for custom solutions.

Robust Data Model

One major risk of developing enterprise applications is using a data model which does not adequately describe the true relationships in a business. This inevitably leads to cumbersome workarounds in the code or, worse, in actual business processes. BCN-ERP, however, is based on a robust and highly normalized universal data model with over 700 entities or tables, so that it can intelligently capture the true richness of business data.


BCN-ERP can be scaled up as your needs grow. It has been successfully scaled to over 10,000 simultaneous users using clusters of generic servers.

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