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Manufacturing Solution

Your manufacturing customers depend on you to help them achieve their business goals. But all too often, their hands are tied - maybe by their existing technology infrastructure, or maybe the lack of technology. The front office wants an up-to-date financial picture, but the shop floor can't even give them an accurate inventory count.

To make matters worse, they have some very particular requirements not supported by their current system - perhaps a manufacturing process unique to their industry, specific regulatory requirements, or some exotic hardware.

Implementing any change in their existing system is like pulling teeth - the vendor won't even fix the bugs in a timely fashion, let alone give you meaningful access to the product. What your customer really needs is a modern ERP system - but they don't have the budget or the time.
At least they didn't until now.

BCN-ERP's manufacturing solution is built from the ground up to be partner-friendly. It's a pure client/server, Internet-ready application. BCN-ERP was built on robust application components such as the Linux operating system and the PostgreSQL relational database - but with minimal effort, the same code can be deployed on just about any platform.

The BCN-ERP License represents a dramatic new direction in software development - borrowing from the collaborative world of open source, where global communities of top-flight developers add features and fix bugs faster than any single company ever could. We want BCN-ERP to be an reliable platform which our partners can leverage to create better customer solutions, faster.
This will translate into significant savings for your customers - and that means more revenue opportunity for you.

Partner Programs
BCN-ERP is a revolution in enterprise applications for small and mid-sized manufacturers. BCN-ERP provides a fully integrated ERP application to support manufacturers and provide control and visibility across the supply chain.

BCN-ERP is seeking to build relationships with systems integrators, resellers and consultants who can help qualify and close sales opportunities with small and mid-sized manufacturers.
The benefits for our channel partners are threefold:
Increase business and sales opportunities with your existing customers
Build business with new customers in your local region
Develop new revenue streams from global sales of product extensions you create

Market Size
BCN-ERP initially will target manufacturing firms with revenues between $1 million and $50 million. Our sales prospect database contains information on over 300,000 firms that fall within that revenue range - and that's in the U.S. alone! Nearly every major metropolitan area has hundreds, even thousands of manufacturers with revenue in that range. There is a large, under-served market for BCN-ERP products.

Market Situation

Smaller manufacturers are part of a complex supply chain, but have missed much of the technology boom of the last several years. While information technology and integration are important, most applications on the market today are too cumbersome, too large and too expensive for the smaller manufacturer. Many of these organizations are operating with manual processes and simple financial systems, and desperately need the benefits a modern ERP system such as BCN-ERP can give them. They just havenít been able to afford one Ė until now.

BCN-ERP is a unique software application , leveraging modern technology to provide the most flexible and ease of architecture available. With BCN-ERP, customers or third party integrators can configure the application to the customerís needs quickly, and even develop new functionality within the architecture. The unique architecture and development platform for BCN-ERP means that it can operate on a wide range of operating systems, databases and clients, including platforms like Linux, making it extremely cost-effective.
BCN-ERP is committed to a channel strategy, and will not compete with its partners.
Our plans call for over three-fourths of BCN-ERP sales to be completed through the various channels. BCN-ERP is seeking channel partners to assist in the identification, qualification and sale of BCN-ERP products to small and mid-sized manufacturers. We have programs for influencers, resellers, systems integrators/Value-Added Reseller, and development partners

What can BCN-ERP provide for you?
A new application targeting a vast array of firms who could not afford other enterprise applications.
The opportunity to develop product extensions or new functionality, quality-tested and marketed by BCN-ERP
Marketing and pre-sales material to help accelerate the sales process.
Sales and implementation training Qualified leads within your territory. Territories will be defined on a case-by-case basis, but will typically include 300-500 qualified prospects in a geographic area.

Powerful yet simple
BCN-ERP offers real-time visibility across the entire supply chain process, from ordering raw materials to manufacturing to shipping. All of these functions are supported by integrated financial applications to handle accounts receivable, accounts payable and the general ledger. This level of control means that at any moment, the information necessary to redirect resources, answer a customer inquiry, or promise a shipment, at the touch of a button.

The BCN-ERP ERP Suite includes Inventory Management, Part Definition and Costing (including Bills of Material and Bills of Operation), Master Scheduling and MRP, Capacity Planning, Work Order Management, Sales Order Management, Purchase Order Management, Shipping and Receiving, and Sales Analysis. Accounting Modules include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Bank Reconcililation. Unlike most ERP vendors, BCN-ERP does not price by the module. Instead, customers have the option of a flat annual site license or a traditional per-seat perpetual license.
BCN-ERP's professional services team assists each customer in choosing the BCN-ERP solution that's right for their business. BCN-ERP sells through certified channel partners and its own direct sales operation, pricing its software according to an affordable annual subscription model.

Partner benefits
In the ERP industry's most partner program, BCN-ERP makes its full software source code available to select value-added resellers (VARs) for modification, customization, and new development. This business innovation allows BCN-ERP partners to better meet customers' individual needs. It can also enable them to develop entirely new revenue streams through new, jointly marketed vertical solutions.
BCN-ERP's underlying architecture simplifies customer deployments as well, putting the power of an enterprise-class ERP system into production for small manufacturers in weeks, not the months or even years required to implement larger, more rigid systems.

"We've taken a lesson from the flexible coding movement and built a business-driven ecosystem for serious software development, based on an flexible platform that allows for the greatest innovation in the shortest possible time," said Alson, BCN-ERP president and CEO. "We believe that the talented, highly technical VARs and systems integrators in the ERP companies are looking for alternatives to inflexible legacy products, vendors poaching their best customers, and product uncertainty driven by mergers and acquisitions. We also know how badly the small entrepreneurial manufacturers need an affordable, fully functional alternative to the high-priced, forced-upgrade 'solutions' they've been locked out of for too long."

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